HSE Improvement Measures

HSE Improvement Measures

Appropriate signage should be prominently displayed outlining proper face covering usage and current physical distancing practices in use

Buffets and drink machines. All areas and items handled by guests should be disinfected regularly. At buffets, guests should avoid handling food

Changing hotel policies e.g.: No more than four guests should be permitted per elevator at a time

Check manufacturers’ instructions for the equipment and keep these instructions clear by all means, such as signs, constantly

Classify the risks according to how dangerous and repetitive they are to you through previous dealing with workers and visitors inside the hotel

Cleaning chemicals shall be stored in their original containers and never mixed, even if they are the same “type” of chemical

Creating a culture that supports open communication is important. Regular meetings with staff to discuss health and safety issues

Delivery and receiving personnel must practice hand hygiene and cough etiquette

Delivery personnel must be appropriately attired in clean clothing and use appropriate PPE, such as disposable gloves and face mask where indicated

Develop and make available to workers written safe work procedures for working alone or in isolation

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