Engineering & Maintenance

Engineering & Maintenance

Ensure electrical equipment is protected from danger from exposure to hazardous environments, including wet, dirty, dusty or corrosive conditions

Prevent unauthorised access to switchboards and fuse-boards. Keep them secure

Ensure equipment is tested as needed by a competent person and any necessary work safely completed by a competent person

Never wedge fire doors open. Fire doors must close automatically in the event of a fire

Ensure that the fire alarm can be heard in all parts of the building including the stores

Ensure that all means of escape are properly maintained and kept free from obstruction, unlocked and easy to open

Meeting and banquet arrangements shall allow for physical distancing between guests based on WHO recommendations. All recommended cleaning and sanitization protocols should also be enforced in these spaces.

Disinfect chairs and tables, toys, pool safety equipment and other high touch surfaces frequently and after use by patrons or staff

Workstations should be cleaned and sanitized at the beginning of the shift and regularly throughout the day and after any event that causes the station to be soiled or presents the opportunity for viruses or bacteria to be transferred to the working surfaces

Remove products from external containers or packaging before storage. Where this is not possible or practical, clean and sanitize food packages and containers as appropriate prior to storage

Delivery personnel must be appropriately attired in clean clothing and use appropriate PPE, such as disposable gloves and face mask where indicated

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