House Keeping

House Keeping

Train housekeeping staff to spot and report fire risks

Disinfect chairs and tables, toys, pool safety equipment and other high touch surfaces frequently and after use by patrons or staff

Provide plastic bags for used utensils to be placed in for pick up by housekeeping staff

Workstations should be cleaned and sanitized at the beginning of the shift and regularly throughout the day and after any event that causes the station to be soiled or presents the opportunity for viruses or bacteria to be transferred to the working surfaces

Sanitizer should be provided in each room for guests to use

Some proof of disinfection should be visible on the door (sticker, card, etc…)

Make hotel policies against covid-19 clear and clarify the guest’s role in them

Re-use cleaning gloves, safety aprons or reusable plastics, with soap and water, and then remove contaminants with concentrated sodium hydrochloride solution 5.0% every time it is used.

Choose sustainable products (reusable – less packaging) and use them correctly to increase their life span

Use refillable dispensers for hygiene products

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