Switch off or dim lights in areas that receive natural daylight during the day

Switch to LED or high pressure sodium or low-wattage metal halide lamps for outdoor lighting

Take the necessary precautions for the disposal of hazardous wastes to permitted hazardous waste contractors

Testing new measure

The use of technology to reduce direct contact with guests, lobby population and front desk queue is encouraged, where feasible

Train housekeeping staff to spot and report fire risks

Train the Staff, especially Stewards and Housekeeping on the importance of saving water & have a system in check to look for leaks and dripping taps

Train workers: Provide written instructions and safe work procedures. Supervise workers to ensure that they are using their training

Treat all wastewater and gray water. No open effluents. No sewage or desalination discharge is disposed into lagoons, bay areas or sea. Access of the hotel to an own or an external sewage treatment plant is obligatory

Try planting plants that are drought resistant or ones that do not require watering very often

Try to block complete guest floors during off-peak or low occupancy seasons

Turn off dishwashers when not in use. Run dishwashers with a full load

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