Turn-off Air-conditioning in banquet hall, function rooms or restaurants as soon as they are closed

Use a drip irrigation system that is controlled by timers for shrubs and trees so that water goes straight to the roots, preventing run-off

Use a ladder or stepstool to reach items on higher shelves

Use a pool cover when the area is not in use

Use condensed water from steam cabinets for general cleaning purpose

Use eco – friendly cleaning products

Use flexible or separate switches for lights in areas such as coffee shops and restaurants so that part of the lighting system can be switched off if that area is not being used

Use garden lights that are powered by solar energy

Use high efficiency tools, e.g. high pressure jets, for poolside cleaning to reduce water use

Use intelligent control for the HVAC system (Energy management system or Building management system)

Use natural materials for furniture

Use occupancy sensors or keycard switches to switch-off electrical loads (except the minibar) when no one is in the room

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